Monday, August 12, 2013

Kickstarter Update: 3 days left, $735 to raise

Here are process studio shots of some of the kickstarter rewards in the works: our hand painted thank you postcards started out with these vintage tree themed postcards, then we began the embellishment process which proceeds back and forth between our studios, another art tote bag in the works ready for a studio switch later today.

As of this post, with your support, we have raised $1,565 towards our $2,300.00 goal with 3 days to go. This means all thats left to raise is $735 by Thursday afternoon, totally within our grasp!

Our thanks to our new backers: Ann Donahue, Rema Ghuloum, Cindy Rehm, Jane Glassman, Joanne Lloyd, Dan Lloyd, Margaret Lloyd, Stephen Lloyd, Charissa Soltz (I have the best most supportive family!), Tava, Patty Meadows, Marie Trybulski and Marie Thibeauqult!

Learn more about the kickstarter project here:

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