Thursday, August 8, 2013

kickstarter rewards, updates, and thanks

Annelie and I are busy working on making some of the rewards for your telecollabing:Paris+ LA kickstarter campaign contributions. We received our blank canvas totes in the mail this week and split the pile up between our studios. When we each get done with our half, we will switch to complete them and will post images of the final products as soon as we can. In the meantime, heres the starting point: a tassel heart i'm stitching down for Annelie to paint into amazingness, rereading my childhood favorite book is pretty interesting...this is the page where the "wrinkle"time traveling is explained with a line drawing.

Three days into the 10 day kickstarter campaign, we are at 40% of our total $2,300 goal! Thanks so much to our recent backers: Vera McKenzie, Robert Nashak, Erynn Richardson, Nina Zak Laddon, Shannon Patterson, Robbin, Dawn Ertl, Essi Zimm, and Julie Imbach.

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