Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"each thing ripens its own space" installation preparation

My upcoming exhibition, "each thing ripens its own space" opens this Thursday December 4th at The Blue Cube at 5:57pm, so right now it is crunch time, as I scramble to get everything prepared for the installation process which begins tomorrow morning.  Here are a few snapshots of some of the preparations underway: Last month I visited the gallery space to see the site, take measurements and meet the gallery owner Mary who created The Blue Cube as an alternative art space/law office based in Ventura, California, A snap shot of the studio as I prepare components of the installation, Thanksgiving week fell right in the midst of my preparation time, so I prepared a basket of activities I could work on while sitting around and catching up with family so this is me working on some installation parts with some valuable help by my amazing niece Emma, What installation could be complete without flowers, glitter, and blue paint?, To loosely frame my ideas for the show, I am using a poem from my favorite poet Lisa Robertson, from her book Magenta Soul Whip. (If you happen to have a copy of the text, the poem I'm using is on page 29.)

"each thing ripens its own space" exhibition details here and here

check back on the blog next week for images of how this installation unfolds….

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