Monday, September 9, 2013

telecollabing is happening now

Telecollabing:Paris+LA is in full swing. I am writing this blogpost from Paris and today was our 3rd day working in the gallery, with me at the Mains D'Oeuvres gallery space in Paris and Annelie working via technology (Skype, email, Facebook...) from Los Angeles. The French Interior Forest exhibition opens this Friday night, so we hope to complete the sculpture by Thursday or early Friday.

Thank you so much to all my kickstarter backers, friends and family for your support of this project! Its been an incredible experience so far. Here are some snapshots of the collaboration in progress:

The gallery space in Paris is slightly larger than the one in Santa Moncia with higher ceilings and fantastic quirky moments. Annelie and I used the exisiting white box covering the firehose as the base for the "trunk" of our sculpture, using imagery from the surrounding participatory drawing to inform and blend into our work: our progress the first day, our progress the second day, a view of our progress the third day as we began work on the "canopy" which will eventually connect to the trunk to form the full visiting tree sculpture, another view from the 3rd day, this one also showing part of the portrait of me drawn by visiting artist Kate McCrickard on the left side of the image

There will be a big event in the gallery tomorrow as Helene Cixous, whose text "Phillipines" is the basis behind the entire interior forest project, will be at Mains D'Oeuvres in conversation with Alexandra Grant.  If you too are in Paris, join us! Learn more here.

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