Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 hours to raise $440

A before & after perspective of the Los Angeles Interior Forest Exhibition: Annelie & I started out laying out the space in April, marking where our collaborative tree would go with a chair stack. Then we visited the gallery a few times a week to make our tree, watching and responding to the growing installation and drawing around us as we worked. The exhibition ran for the month of June of 2013 and it's twin exhibition will open in Paris in September.

With your help, we will continue our participation in the upcoming Paris exhibition and are raising funds through our kickstarter project telecollabing: Paris+LA.

We are almost there! 

We have 30 hours to raise the remaining $440! 

If you have been thinking about contributing, now is the time to back the project. We do not receive any of the pledged contributions unless we can raise our full $2,300 goal by THURSDAY AFTERNOON.

Thank you to our new backers: Emilyn Eto and Arezoo! We appreciate your support!

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