Thursday, November 8, 2012

studio snapshots

a glimpse into the studio this week: lately i've been dyeing fabric, using tape to create sectioned off areas to place color.  i like doing the surface design this way so i don't have to think about imagery, can do yardage quickly, and it reminds me of some of joe's triangles and the grids we've been making in color theory to train our eyes to see and understand color relationships, i also love the bleeds that happen with this method of dye application, how it immediately differentiates itself from other ways of putting patterns on fabric and lends itself to my intuitive and messy dyeing style. i've been slowly accumulating imagery and material onto a wall in my studio since september, adding and subtracting periodically, this is a portion that i took a snapshot of early in the week, lastly here is a zoomed out view of the studio from earlier this week, trying to think in space and test out some ideas for my MFA show next semester.

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