Saturday, July 28, 2012

growing an object

Here are a few images of my most recent installation project, Growing an Object, part of a csulb fiber group show, up in the Merlino Gallery earlier in July. My second room sized installation, this project began with one sculpture that I brought to the gallery space from my studio along with some tools- a range of fabrics, needles, thread, pins, salvaged plastic, found objects, and even some balloons. Using the sculpture as a point of departure, I created a room sized gesture growing from it, turning a object into a spatial experience that viewers interpreted broadly as everything from levitation to a narrative arch spanning from childhood to old age. 

Back in my studio, I was able to incorporate the room sized installation back into the original sculpture that it grew out of, turning the work full circle, back into an object, but now a changed object literally carrying all that has happened through it, within it.

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