Saturday, September 17, 2011

dye and paint

One of my goals for the semester is to be regularly dyeing fabrics and materials for use in sculpture and weaving projects as a possible long term component of the art practice I’m working to formulate here in graduate school and sustain after graduation. Here is some of the wool yarn I dyed over the past few weeks which I plan to eventually use in a weaving project.

As I continue to progress through the graduate school experience, I am finding that color plays an important role in the way I intuitively make sculpture, at least as primary a role as the form itself. Now, instead of relying solely on the selection of the objects to give me the color specificity I’m looking for in the work, I’m trying out the possibility of adding color to the objects I find before I build the nylon skin over them. I’m also mixing in a larger more obvious range of age into the ordinary objects I use for sculptures and including, for the first time, small does of unused mass produced objects to see if the criteria of preowned is as necessary to the work as I had previously supposed. Here is some of that painting starting to happen…stay tuned to see how this will actually play out...

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