Thursday, July 21, 2011

sculpture evolution

i'm coming to recognize that revision is a big part of what i do in the studio. case and point: this sculpture. stage 1 originally this sculpture was created as a component of a larger installation work in my show in february. i was interested in seeing how i could build larger by bring smaller parts together in the exhibition space where i would connect the parts to make the larger whole. stage 2 after the show and back in smaller parts, i was unsatisfied with the piece's capacity to hold its own as an independent sculpture. with that in mind, i decided to cut into the work to reveal the interior in areas, finding it to be even more interesting than the earlier installation it came from. stage 3 eventually, i decided that the cuts into the work, while interesting, didn't seem quite right to me. reworking these cut open areas, i added contrasting organic shapes to the mostly geometric form, leaving these added areas without the medium coat that i usually use to finish a sculpture. the subtle variation in the surface of the work creates areas that are transparent and others that are translucent or even opaque, all in the same sculpture.

For the time being, i'd say this work is done, but I reserve the right to change my mind. thats what art making looks like for me. make then rework. add and subtract. repeat as needed.

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