Tuesday, October 26, 2010

nylon self portraits

since i'm done with my crochet project i have to find other ways to occupy myself when waiting at bus stops. today i decided to take pictures through the nylon that i was using to transport some drawing paper home. i've done photos through nylons before, but i really like the results this time, much more than my previous attempts.

another positive: my hand carved toothpick has arrived! joe and i are thinking about starting a under 20 dollar art collection so i have our first work by David Prince aka The Lumberjack. He started selling these at the opening for Make:Craft for 25 cents but the price goes up with each sale. I have number 43 which cost me $6. There are still toothpicks available, but now the price is considerably higher, well above my allowed $20 art collection criteria. Click here to get yours.

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